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Our Story

By Professional Hackers

Competentfund offers senior and professional team hackers and traders on technical teams around the world. We were born from the Open Source community as a way to connect open source developers with amazing gigs.

We spent years building a community of the best technical talent in the States – now several thousand strong.

We take our cues from the professionals  in our fold: what’s blocking the best hackers and traders from working with the best teams? What is impeding fast, scalable growth for software companies? Those are the problems we think are worth solving – and around which we’ve built our business.

Hiring the best-fit professionals shouldn't be an expensive bet.

We believe that like-minded, like-working technologists should be able to find each other quickly, no luck required.


Built from professionals DNA and perfected during thousands of billed hours, competentfund exists to help hackers and traders hire each other – without the risk.


Founded and lead by  GARY MAC WILLIAMS, Teja Yenamandra, and Tyler Newkirk, competentfund global team is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee. Each week, our community of Professional Freelancers contributes thousands of hours to technical teams across the world, while the core team at HQ leads business development, talent and client support, and GIPHY pwning.


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